Single channel digital video, RT 62 min, 2014-15 (trailer above)


Working with a cast of skilled performers, Nightingales explores themes of aspiration and failure through durational action, a meditation on the reach for ideals beyond physical limitations.


They have the look of a crocodile, the grin of an ape, the legs of a peacock,
the paunch of a cow, the shape of an elephant, brains of a goose, the throat of a pig, and the tail of a mouse.

- The Remarkable Trial of the Queen of Quavers, 1778



3-Legged Man:
Ballerina 01:
Ballerina 02:
Cake Decorator:
Pianist & Voice Teacher:
Butternose Boy 01 & Vocal Student:
Butternose Boy 02:

Erik Thurmond
Noelle Kayser
Laura Van Kouwenberg
Karen Portaleo
Brendan Callahan-Fitzgerald
Josh Rackliffe
Jason Dardo
Hez Stalcup


Nightingales was created while part of the Working Artist Project fellowship with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.  The film was debuted at the museum in July 2015 as part of a solo exhibition under the same name. 

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